black in back

September 11, 2005 on 10:20 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

it has been some time since I have updated so here I am again on my own, going down the only roam I’ve ever knowed.

back in chapel hole/thrill waiting endlessly for my first paycheck. I am now at Duke taking classes and such.

sorry this post is missing my usual dryness, bitterness, sarcasm, and general obscurity that tends to follow me like a cloud throughout my world of cultural interaction.

many projects in the upcoming weeks. organize a nighttime biking club with marcaco. will most likely only have two members for a while. _volutions fall issue is to come out. eventually. the _volutionary movement will be a big part of this issue. more to come. undergoing a major redesign. all hail unproductivity.

my knee and ankle are badly twisted.

this morning I found out that my cricket, George Harrison, is probably just a singing cockroach. I left some coffee grounds out for her to feast on at night.

I am increasing my intake.

ADD is resistance. or probably not.

so I hope all are well. peace be with y’all. and also with you.


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