whose reading [?]

October 27, 2005 on 12:28 pm | In concrete, texts | No Comments

not sure who’s [whose] reading [?][...].

but from time to time it is nice

to carve your name upon the pumpkin tree.

I remember way back when.

I suppose most people do[n't].

We could see the world as white paper. or not at all.

do [you/We] remember?

perhaps it was so clear, so emtpy. so quiet.

now is there noise on silence? why[?]!

I can’t seem to remember. miles have gone by.

We have surely tried. to fill it with something.

but air, but water, but time.

let Us suppose [that there exists] the Divine.

and that it is our likeness We reflect upon it,

or its upon Us.

and it is like a beginning

or an end [all in One].

do you suppose it means something?

or nothing [indicate by saying


special greetings to my good old friend, Harpo Marco
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