response to (& for) amy

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a concise epic history (consider revising]

Awe begins nude in a living room devoid of living, where paperweights tread carpet like the footprints of ampersands. The smell of bread baked before the time of yeast, in the days of rock & roll, when my yore was yours & the ground spewed forth, miraculous like a burning bush spread over legend like butter. Birth came about as an afterthought spun from the silk of corn, while women & men alike emerged from fields stuffed in shopping carts made of clay. Soon God barbecued human rib in his prime–took seven days and stuck them in a mason jar for the next life–& before long the ants came to the picnic that left them legless. It was a perfect time to forget that the tablecloth was abyss, the abyss a great tongue, & the great word of the universe was silent.

up & down in Blooming-towne pt B

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up & down in Bloomingtown, pt I

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some scattered scat from this and that. here you have some images from the archives of my wandering soul. for Amy, of course!

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