a congregation of trees

February 28, 2007 on 5:30 am | In ice age (February 2007), photo | 1 Comment

Amy Good

global cooling towers

February 27, 2007 on 10:16 pm | In ice age (February 2007), photo | No Comments

for Amy

ice age (global warming)

February 26, 2007 on 7:49 pm | In ice age (February 2007), photo | No Comments

The road to Deep Creek passes through Harrisonburg, Virginia.

for Amy and for Rafa

arco del triunfo

February 21, 2007 on 3:39 am | In concrete | No Comments

for Amy

Polyphony, Spending Spree, and the Abundance of Time

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3-2 3-2 3-2 3-2
Time is a rhizo
me and so too
the earth is ti
me and earth i
s rhizome and
time is earth &
a rhizome is a

population explosion/ humans and wolves

February 20, 2007 on 5:40 pm | In Imprisoned Notebooks | No Comments

Humans and wolves. How to implement hierarchy? Reproduction impeding. Speech impediment. And pedestrians.

Humans Beat Wolves
Hierarchy is in a state of constant composition and decomposition. Whether or not it is recomposed is impossible to know.

FLOMAX: “decrease your semen!”

Hire Arky

Hierarchy can be implicitly designed and enforced. A name given to this implicitness of struggle is “Nature.” The concept of such an external, unchangeable force to which all subjects are subject is a startling one. One that left humans scrambling to name it and explain it. This one called it science; the other. God; yet another called it goddesses. Destiny, Eternity, Origin, Providence, Fate. The one that most interests me is Product, and subsequently, the strategy of sale; this is the evangelization of mealworms in their favorite bran-bedding. Not much squirting out but chaos.

Response to Zizek: “In More Than Yourself, You”

Ronaldo Is Fat- Is His Body His? Ask AC Milan.

no snow shovels (variations of beer can in snow)

February 14, 2007 on 8:42 pm | In photo | No Comments
to a Valentine: snow angel slushie for you? the Parkway is closed. Love, ER

busch can dies in slush (variations of beer can in snow)

February 14, 2007 on 8:41 pm | In photo | No Comments
for Amy, & a slushless Valentine’s

variations of beer can in snow, 2

February 14, 2007 on 7:33 pm | In photo | 1 Comment
for Amy, Bird in Snow
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