two people in America

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two people in America

for Amy

cars in America

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Nomadic automobile, halted suddenly and violently by the unexpected intervention of striation. Survivors: Absolute Zero.

cars in america

for my Sweetss

people in America

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people in America

Why We All Love Football

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For all lovers of sportsmanship and, stuff

[youtube dY2Q7HzaD1c]

Atlético de Madrid’s Miguel Ángel Ferrer Martínez, better known as Mista, performs a variant of the Borat-Azamat nude wrestling match with his Real Madrid rival Michel Salgado (As Neves, Pontevedra), focusing on the fundament-rubbing element as well as the element of surprise.

a car in America

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In America There Exists a Need for Automobiles

The car is a fixture of American life: having one facilitates employment, and employment facilitates the acquisition of the car. Cars come in many different varieties, from economy to antique, from modern luxury to antiquated. Automobiles are becoming more and more versed in the language of computers, as they continue to integrate features shared and compatible with consumer computing electronics.

coast of death life

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for my love :: sand we shall soon walk

Zidane's Triumphant Pass Through Rio de Janeiro

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we were all heroes that day.

even if only for 110 minutes.

if only I had enough croissants;

if only I could sing without honey in my throat just long enough.

to win.


Zinedine Zidane

can de pobo

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–village dog, why do you wander towards the city?

–because you can’t buy dog food in a ghost village, man.

aldea de alvite, ourense :: can de pobo

for A & M & A or S

area de bon, the re-production of life

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Elena holds future sand at Area de Bon. Area is “sand,” in Galician. Her hands are, in fact, full of shells. In her palms she holds a treasure of broken, polished, smoothed, shattered shells. They still teem with various lives, that of their form and that of their content of lives. Mollusks and their homes. Their homes with their own lives apart. In a photo, they are a body without these organs; a re-presentation.

for Amy and Elena

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