ligamentary injuries from 5000-10000 feet

January 23, 2007 on 10:36 pm | In e-pistles | No Comments

Dear Sir Ocelot:
Yes, that is panda prime habitat. And little wonder, should your body attempt to work out at the weight-resistance of a bear.

I am currently still not completely employed, which means I am in radical deb-it, and soon I shall too be the property of various corporations, including Lethal Wrecker, Inc. and Mr. Ling-Ling’s Cleaners. I would tell you more about it but you would have to have NETSCAPE browser.

I am glad that your complete conversion to slightly creepy American expat is going well. Soon you will have an entire book, for there was much defecation. I applaud you for your courage in your decision to translate the entirety of PARIS MATCH magazine for the whole decade of 2006. I do not doubt it will be a fitting acquisition for the University’s far-reaching French Undergraduate teaching program for majors. Issuing a daily translation of “L’EMAIL ROUGE” is even more flabbergasting. Godspeed. How does one get on the list?

My camp has been reduced to a tiny basketball court where I may dribble a soccerball, but at least the kitten from down the street is still lactating and willing to follow us home.

My Most Bitter Cordials, & an Angostura Sweater for the Famous French Surinamese Winter:

Joaquin, or Fuckleb

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