temporarily of the USA

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It has been while.

It sounds like you are having a good Panda Times in RoboFrance Chicken 57 (aka Heinz).

Have you tried horny goat weed? If it doesn’t boost your libido, it will at the very least make you very appealing to mature male goats. And remember, their milk is lactose-free–perfect  to avoid a constant diarrhea!

You can also apply the cream to reduce stretch marks, and resist wrinkles on the skin.

Some cultures link the spunk of a goat to eternal life. Did you know that?

I hope that your cure is colded. If not, I recommend that you visit an accredited herbariolist, I know of one with one convenient location, in Cuba. If voodoo doesn’t work (I prefer the chant “ARISE, CHICKEN” while holding the wood of an autochtonous tree, or in its absence poison  sumac will do), you can do a bang-up job with an impromptu NyQuil-Tussin-Jim Beam tea, and at least that way you will sleep well, or wake up in where you’ve forgotten your troubles and how you got there.

Make sure that when you are heating the grain alcohol (at least 151 pf) you do so in a dutch bath method, so as to assure that the cannabis tincture does not burn and possibly explode (if it does you risk losing all the THC).

Soon M shall be re-spawned. I do not think his son shall be named Micro, though unfortunately.  I am quite well, thank you.

Last week my ipod broke, so I hit it on the table for a while and I thought about your ambitious thesis to phonetically translate every volume of the online edition of L’Equipe. You can practice with capoeira: Cap, Oh, Hey, Rah! Which is very useful for defending yourself against Brazilian street vendors (a deal is a deal). Have you heard of Pastinha? It is Brazilian for a capoeira legend that means “Small, yet very Pasty, Littleness.”

I thought Europeans were also capitalist slimes? No? Shower increasage and more likely.

Yours Truly,

Galligan MaGillicuddy


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