The Internet, Good or Wack

October 12, 2007 on 2:03 am | In 2000.0, Imprisoned Notebooks, texts | No Comments

Of course, the internet is not just an apparatus of the wealthy (sub)urban elite that garnishes hand-held personal devices. It is that all personal devices are becoming part of the flow of the internet. The Internet. From the new car with satellite systems, to the hospital wireless network, a something is threading its way through, with the goal of unifying all things in the universe. The great universalizer. It is an information flow that seeks the grand equality of Everything, with the objective, never clearer than now, of forcing the subject into positions that can interpret and organize the flow. A subject that does not understand the flow can never be a part of it, or it ceases to be a subject, and thus enters a “new” (in the sense it is unrecognized) real of non-subjectivity. All subjects attached to the flow, which is the same as saying all subjects, must agree with its formlessness, and adapt a form adequate to give images to what would otherwise be meaningless, infinite binaries. In that sense, the internet is a purely political system. It is also a system established by preconditions that are imaginary, in that their existence is an effective result of their inexistence. The preconditions are imagined, and only in this way to they attain effectiveness, effectuality. Because they are imagined, they are, and because they are, they effect the Real. Hence their politicization, or better said, hence politics are undeniably a consequence of a matrix that already exists without it.

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