plopped across the puddle

July 5, 2005 on 5:24 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

in case any of you ever worry about me (judging by the massive amounts of email I get…), I have made it safely. to Vigo. here I am after two flights–a fluctuating temperature transatlantic with britishair, a four-hour wait in LHR, and an iberia flight to santiago that I have no recollection of. a bus then whisked me to vigo amongst the constant banter of a cute little girl with down´s syndrome, [re]created here:

girl: mom, why is there a cross on the window?
mom: that which you think is a cross is not a real cross. it means “no smoking.”
girl: so what happens if you smoke?
mom: well, then you have to get off the bus?
girl: all by my little self?
mom: well yes, unless someone got off with you…
girl: I suppose I would have to cry then, no?
mom: if you wish to…

several dozen pine and eucalyptus forests later, I was seeing the shores of vigo´s estuary.

now I am here, again, as I was before, and as I hope to be again.

trying to stay awake until midnightish, combat jetlag and bad memories of sweating, smelling unpleasantly, flying, not sleeping, not dreaming…….

y´all take care now, ya hear?

jb and the hair bear bunch

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