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December 26, 2005 on 3:12 am | In texts | No Comments

The Moon’s Recipe for Strawberry Jam

(based on a crude drawing by eduardo ramos, smudged in many places)
(also, based on a true story told by someone else, methinks)
(perform touched by the royalty of slowness)


Fresh Strawberries, sugar, pectin, high fructose corn-syrup, super-high fructose corn syrup, sucrose-supercharged ultrafructose corn syrup, pure/basic-elemental concentrated corn syrup concentrate, corn syrup infused with syringes of corn syrup essence, musk of high fructose, syrup of high-fructose corn, lactating corn-based syrup signifying derivatives, lonely atoms all full of unloved high-fructose corn syrup, infinite works of invisible corn syrup energy-matter…

Condense into a gelatinous paste with haste
Place in a mason jar, jam-packed
Create a label that proclaims:
“Strawberry Jam” or simply
Finally, remember to taste

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