4 meditations on the nature of Goodness

March 16, 2006 on 3:56 pm | In poem | 1 Comment

for A

i/ Beauty

When a crazy blue
ladybug lands on a
kneeling aphid and
loves it without sex or roses.

ii/ Love

The spots on a ladybug, revealed
as carbonized hearts, seen to be

relics of reborn saints, who are the eyes
of all who are watching her.

iii/ Truth

Tongueless, silent (not
silenced), unspoken by non-

human animals, such as dung
colorful, spotted beetles.

iv/ Evil

Autumn’s end, when the last few
ladybugs stammer onto the sills

to dry, and that’s how there was
goodness in their skeletons that

sit there, in constant atrophy.

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