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[fartistic & other statements]

What you find contained in is this blog is what has hitherto been known but not always obvious, as the contents dwell more than anything in the space of our virtuality which is most real. That is to say, awareness of it requires some bold steps on our part to recognize that which is virtual, and within it, what is real enough to merit attention.

A good beginning point is our animality, one example being the farthest reach of our technology, and in its beyond, the nudging presence of a possibility. That is to say, an apocalypse of either redemption or condemnation; in turn, that signals only to the void and to being, or vice versa.

In the tense meantime, it is almost inevitable to contemplate a liberating event, mathematical for some, philosophical for others, but always political in the sense of politics being a direct exercise of human freedom. This brings up further questions, especially dealing whether such a thing could ever happen (possibility), whether such a thing has already happened (possibility), or whether such a thing has always been, immanent in regards to our being.

Far from proposing a solution to an old question of ontology, I am more concerned with an ontology of the political. I am not concerned with data or technology, but rather throwing up a little, in my own mouth, because something purely unreasonable has caused me this reaction. Because it is cruel and impossible to say one must not be revolted, or revolt, when facing the bile that political substance seems to be today.

So I give you this body of work, with organs and without: Blahgspot.com. For it is essential for us to enjoy the sound of our own words for a time, and truly believe that we are capable of something at the very least pretty and at the most, good.

Eduardo Ramos, and his associate Joaquín Bueno


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