I Ran a Rhea (Or, Already Tired of the War in Iran)

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Neveryoumind the drought
The War has Just Begun


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4108, Rubillón

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dresser shrine #1

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dresser shrine


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Diarealism … (or Diarrealism)

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Diarealism attempts to enter into any of the various substrates of the Real.

Determining what is unreal does not in any way require a determination of the real. Rather, the unreal is subsumed by the real (and vice versa), and thus, the unreal and the real are unable to speak. To each other or to any Other. This forms a closed totality that is bound at the lips and silenced; the only alternative is to push voices towards it like breath into the cold. Shots in the dark.

Me cago en la oscuridad, my dad used to say.

In aesthetics, the diareal approaches realism but only through strata of the hyperreal. The result is the death of any hope for truth.

Diarealism is a difficult concept to flush, and might require several attempts (it necessitates smooth, coating action).

Stop Light

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Stop Light
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